Client Service Support / Office Management

Helma supports us with our client service administration and office management. She has 28 years of experience as a Client Advisor at one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. Her keen sense of service, puts us in a place to be able to ensure every effort we make is of a highest quality.

As the mother of four children, she knows how important it is to plan and organize everything. She takes a lot of work out of our hands, so that we can devote all our attention to our clients.

Helma fills our office with enthusiasm & pleasure. Her unlimited commitment to the daily workings of the office is unmatchable. Helma takes a lot of pride and pleasure in going above and beyond the expectations of others.

If you contact our office, Helma will most likely answer your call.

Contact Helma:

t  +31 167 565248
m helma@relocationcare.nl

What Clients say:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Karey and I had such a delightful and informative time with you and Tom. Really, I can’t thank you enough. Karey is calling you my “Dutch Mother” because she feels I’m in good, caring hands with you by my side.
Dick- Designer
“It was a very productive and enjoyable day yesterday, thanks. As I said, the thought of trying to arrange everything myself, without the help of a guardian angel, fills me with dread. I’m tempted to suggest you handle all our departing arrangements in Scotland too, as you do make it all seem so easy!”
Lidia- Coder
Our daughter always remembers both of you. We will all be very pleased to see you again.
Bill- Manager