Client Service Support / Office Management

Helma supports us with our client service administration and office management. She has 28 years of experience as a Client Advisor at one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. Her keen sense of service, puts us in a place to be able to ensure every effort we make is of a highest quality.

As the mother of four children, she knows how important it is to plan and organize everything. She takes a lot of work out of our hands, so that we can devote all our attention to our clients.

Helma fills our office with enthusiasm & pleasure. Her unlimited commitment to the daily workings of the office is unmatchable. Helma takes a lot of pride and pleasure in going above and beyond the expectations of others.

If you contact our office, Helma will most likely answer your call.

Contact Helma:

t  +31 167 565248
m helma@relocationcare.nl

What Clients say:

We express our thanks for the professionalism and warm coordination and smooth process of relocation.Our Relocation Care specialist made the journey so smooth and she was always there when unknown factors or questions needed to be understood and answered.
John- CEO
It was a pleasure virtually meeting and receiving support from our Relocation Care specialist. She supported us throughout our ‘long’ moving period and would suggest topics to consider or remind us of things to action which was a great help. Moving is always a little stressful and knowing she was there supporting us was just great .
Olivia- Consultant
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Karey and I had such a delightful and informative time with you and Tom. Really, I can’t thank you enough. Karey is calling you my “Dutch Mother” because she feels I’m in good, caring hands with you by my side.
Dick- Designer
“It was a very productive and enjoyable day yesterday, thanks. As I said, the thought of trying to arrange everything myself, without the help of a guardian angel, fills me with dread. I’m tempted to suggest you handle all our departing arrangements in Scotland too, as you do make it all seem so easy!”
Lidia- Coder
Our daughter always remembers both of you. We will all be very pleased to see you again.
Bill- Manager