Relocation Consultant

Minette: “Although it is said ‘home is where the heart is’ I can imagine that moving to another country and becoming familiar with a different culture is quite an adventure.”

Her 20 years of committed service in the hospitality sector, both as an entrepreneur and employee, have contributed to the exeptional people skills that Minette brings to the table. Used to managing projects from start to finish, she is capable of focusing on the big picture, without losing sight of what matters most: the people that rely on her help and expertise.

You can count on Minette for open and clear communication, she understands the challenges that comes with the relocation process and is fully dedicated to supporting all involved. With her eye for detail she will guide you through the maze of rules and regulations in an efficient, logical and welcoming way.

In the process of relocating, Minette will assist you with creating a strong foundation on which you can build your new lives in the Netherlands.

Contact Minette:

t  +31 653857479

What Clients say:

We express our thanks for the professionalism and warm coordination and smooth process of relocation.Our Relocation Care specialist made the journey so smooth and she was always there when unknown factors or questions needed to be understood and answered.
John- CEO
It was a pleasure virtually meeting and receiving support from our Relocation Care specialist. She supported us throughout our ‘long’ moving period and would suggest topics to consider or remind us of things to action which was a great help. Moving is always a little stressful and knowing she was there supporting us was just great .
Olivia- Consultant
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Karey and I had such a delightful and informative time with you and Tom. Really, I can’t thank you enough. Karey is calling you my “Dutch Mother” because she feels I’m in good, caring hands with you by my side.
Dick- Designer
“It was a very productive and enjoyable day yesterday, thanks. As I said, the thought of trying to arrange everything myself, without the help of a guardian angel, fills me with dread. I’m tempted to suggest you handle all our departing arrangements in Scotland too, as you do make it all seem so easy!”
Lidia- Coder
Our daughter always remembers both of you. We will all be very pleased to see you again.
Bill- Manager