Sr. Immigration and Relocation Consultant

Roelinda started her career as a job-consultant; subsequently she worked as a relocation consultant with an American multinational in Bergen op Zoom for many years.

In this role it was Roelinda’s aim to take away all obstacles that foreign employees and their families encounter whilst relocating to the Netherlands.

With more than 15 years experience, Roelinda was formerly occupied as a relocation consultant of Everaert Advocaten. Roelinda is specialized in relocation and international mobility and has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge.

Roelinda ensures that your international staff is able to concentrate on the job right away and does not have to worry about the removal, finding a home, the family members and settling in.

Contact Roelinda:

t  +31 6 83985026

What Clients say:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Karey and I had such a delightful and informative time with you and Tom. Really, I can’t thank you enough. Karey is calling you my “Dutch Mother” because she feels I’m in good, caring hands with you by my side.
Dick- Designer
“It was a very productive and enjoyable day yesterday, thanks. As I said, the thought of trying to arrange everything myself, without the help of a guardian angel, fills me with dread. I’m tempted to suggest you handle all our departing arrangements in Scotland too, as you do make it all seem so easy!”
Lidia- Coder
Our daughter always remembers both of you. We will all be very pleased to see you again.
Bill- Manager